Google Stadia Pro Subscription Would Provide You With One Free Game Every Month

Andrey Doronichev, the Director of Product, answered a few questions during a Reddit “Ask me Anything” session. He talked a little bit more in detail about the Google Stadia online gaming service that will be released in November, mentioning some technical information, social features, and the commitment of the company towards the platform. However, we were most excited to find out what we will get with the Stadia Pro subscription.

If you compared the Google Stadia Pro service with an all-you-can-eat buffet, you might be disappointed as Doronichev said that, as for a monthly fee of $10, subscribers would get a certain amount of benefits. Some people compared it with a “Netflix of games,” but the Director of Product disapproved of that as well. However, you can compare the Google Stadia Pro with PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold as you get 5.1 sound, 4K/HDR streaming, access to some free games and discounts made just for you. The first game you will get for free is Destiny 2.

How does the Google Stadia Pro subscription plan function?

As a user of the base plan, you will get “free access to the state-of-the-art gaming hardware in our datacenter,” as Doronichev said instead of games or discounts. With that being said, the games you want are there for you to buy them. Aside from that, you should keep in mind that the controller you get with Stadia will not support Bluetooth Audio when its launch takes place in November.

The controller has an audio jack of 3.5mm, and you will need to use wired headphones with that if you are using Chromecast Ultra for streaming. Moreover, you can say that this new platform from Google does not bring you a significant number of benefits compared to similar subscription, but we do not have all the information yet.

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