FaceTime Audio Not Working – Here’s What To Do

FaceTime Audio

FaceTime Audio is the audio-only version of the app, and like any other app on your device, this too can have problems. We’ll take a look at how you can uncover the problem and fix it for good by discussing troubleshooting steps to take when there’s no audio or when it just isn’t working.

What to do when FaceTime Audio isn’t working

No Audio on FaceTime

When there’s no audio either on FaceTime or FaceTime Audio, you can use the following steps to resolve both issues:

  • Check your microphone: the mic could be muted either on your end or the person you’re speaking to accidentally muted theirs by tapping on the icon. To fix it, check and tap the mic icon, or ask your friend to do the same. A muted mic icon is white (not grey).
  • Check volume level: your volume level could also be turned all the way down, so tap Volume Up several times to check the level. Make sure you or your caller can hear each other
  • Check WiFi or cellular connection: FaceTime or its Audio version works with internet connectivity to transmit audio or video, so if the connection is off or weak, it can stop working
  • Check FaceTime microphone: another app could be using the mic while you’re trying to call someone like music or messaging apps. If they’re open while you’re on FaceTime, both of you may not hear anything. Close such apps and try calling again
  • Restart your device: this fixes software glitches so a normal restart could get your audio working again. Ask your caller to try the same too
  • Update to the latest operating system: an outdated operating system could have software bugs which are fixed by updating to the latest version as it comes with critical bug fixes and patches
  • Restore the device to factory settings. This is a last resort method, so backup your data before taking this step
  • Ask an Apple Expert or certified Apple professional for help

FaceTime Audio not working

If FaceTime Audio isn’t working or just has problems, it could be that it doesn’t even show as an option on your device, and for several reasons. The most common of these reasons is that your operating system or device isn’t compatible.

This applies particularly to older iPhone versions like iPhone 3 or 4 and first-generation iPads. However, you may have one of these devices but haven’t updated to iOS 7 or later versions.

In this case, update your operating system to get FaceTime Audio working again.

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