Teamfight Tactics 9.14 – New Update Will Nerf Tristana, Assassins, Buff Mordekaiser, Wild Sorcerers and More

Teamfight Tactics is quite new in the League of Legends universe, but Riot already has many plans for the next updates. The bugfixes and new content introduced in TFT went live this week with patch 9.14, bringing Twisted Fate to the roster and many balance changes. But this is just the beginning for TFT, explains Riot’s TFT dev team.
The patch will get updated next week for TFT and it will nerf Tristana, Assassins, and others, while it will buff Moderkaiser, Wilds, Sorcerers, and more. We’ll debate these aspects later in this article.

Teamfight Tactics 9.14B would also address some bugs regarding the Raptors, Guardian Angel, Redemption, and Guardian. On this topic, Riot Mort, part of the developing team, said the following on Twitter:

For the bug fixes:
Raptors will now always drop a loot box
GA will now always properly trigger
Redemption will properly be 1000 HP, not 1000% HP
Guardian will still give the buff after the guardians die. – Riot Mort

What’s new in Teamfight Tactics 9.14B update?

Riot Mort announced the upcoming Teamfight Tactics 9.14B patch on Twitter. He also shared an image, revealing what changes will take place once the update rolls out. Speaking of, Teamfight Tactics 9.14B is set to come out on Wednesday if everything goes as planned.

Back to what the second patch will bring, the update will buff Ahri, Mordekaiser, Poppy, Wild, Sorcerers, and Morellonomicon. On the other hand, it will nerf Tristana, Volibear, Locket of the Iron Solari, Assassins, and Elementalists.

Also noteworthy is that we should expect substantial updates once every two weeks. “At least for now, we’re planning larger patches on the normal cadence (2 weeks) and numbers changes/refinement/balance on the off-weeks. Don’t know if we’ll continue this forever, but we think it makes sense for now,” said RiotSapMagic on Twitter, in a reply.

In other news, Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass is ending within the next ten days for Teamfight Tactics 9.14 update session, but it will recommence once the Teamfight Tactics 9.16 patch rolls out. You can find more details on this topic on Riot’s official blog post on this matter.

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