Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 To Launch On August 7th With New S-Pen Stylus

Samsung will host a special event in New York on the 7th of August. Here, they’re set to showcase the Galaxy Note 10 phone, but this may not be the only device to make an appearance. As it seems, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 would also be present at the event.

The Galaxy Tab S6 may join the new phone along with its new S-pen stylus. Renders have been made available that shows the tablet having a dual camera, quad speakers, and no headphone jack.

Furthermore, we can see the optional keyboard cover and kickstand as well as the first look at the stylus for the tablet. Samsung has devised a rear placement for the stylus as a front, or side installation with the help of a magnetic grip would probably be uncomfortable, as well as hindering the very slim design of the tablet and keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 To Launch On August 7th With New S-Pen Stylus

The release of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 will give us a real perspective on the stylus placement as a render cannot be fully trusted. It would be curious to see how Samsung has thought over the design for the device and its accessories.

The next thing to do would be to compare it to Apple’s iPad Pro. Something that every user, reviewers, or critic will instantly do. Apple uses a magnetical grip for its stylus that is sold separately from the tablet. By going with this design, the user can set the tablet flat on a surface. The solution that Samsung will devise for the stylus placement and overall practicality of the tablet remains to be seen. But it would be a safe bet that they will come up with their own solution.

No confirmation on whether the stylus has Bluetooth or wireless charging has been made. Although pretty much everyone is expecting the accessory of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 to have these features.

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