iOS 13 Beta 4 Is Available With New Changes And Features

Time went by, and the expected iOS 13 Beta 4 is now released. The first three Beta updates of iOS 13 came with a lot of significant changes and updates to make the operating system more reliable and easy to use.

However, the fourth beta of iOS 13 is now bringing only some small changes and updates. It doesn’t mean the iOS 13 Beta 4 is not essential, as the small changes make the difference, and they improve the quality of iOS.

What’s new in iOS 13 Beta 4?

Here are the most significant changes and updates of iOS 13 Beta 4:

  • The ‘Quick Actions’ button from the Home screen has a new look and a new ‘Rearrange Apps’ option. In this way, you can access easier the mode which allows you to move around the apps you have there.
  • When you tap on ‘Quick Actions,’ you will now have a smaller and cuter ‘Quick Actions Menu Size,’ and it will not bother you anymore. Also, the icons that made your eyes feel uncomfortable are now on the right side of the menu interface.
  • ‘3D Touch’ and ‘3D & Haptic Touch’ comes now with new options. You can find these buttons in the Accessibility section of the Settings app, along with a new ‘Touch Duration’ option near the sensitivity slider. The last-mentioned option will change the time needed to reveal content previews or actions.
  • ‘Share Sheet’ also suffered from small changes in the iOS 13 Beta 4, so now the colors are modified, and the button is more transparent.
  • The icon for ‘Voice Messages’ also was modified, having now the waveform, instead of the microphone icon shape. Another modified button is the edit button from ‘Widgets’; it now looks like a pill, instead of the circular shape we knew before.

Feel free to install iOS 13 Beta 4, but you should remember that this is still a Beta version of the operating system, so it contains some bugs. If you plan to use your iPhone every day and have a smooth experience, then you should wait for the final version of iOS 13 to launch in September.

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