UR Browser Latest Safe Version Available to Download

Are you still working and browsing the Internet with classic and well-known browsers worldwide, but what about a change? What do you say if you the possibility to use a browser with no more ads or pop-up windows? Believe it or not, but that kind of browser does exist, and it’s UR Browser.

The UR Browser

First of all, the UR Browser is a web browser created by AdaptiveBee, and it’s based on Chromium. The interface is user-friendly, and you have security and privacy on your side. You can do your regular task and navigate on it, but the browser is doing so much more than that. The developers are very preoccupied with the user privacy and the security that they incorporated a virus scanner in the browser. You will always be alerted if any danger is approaching and you can delete the files or keep them.

Second of all, your data and browsing history are not collected or shared to the third party. Also, the UR Browser can send you to an encrypted version of the site for more secure navigation. Trackers and third-party cookies are blocked with this browser. Also, UR Browser is smart design for your needs. If you don’t want to save the navigation history, passwords, and cookies, the UR’s Ninja Mode will do its job.

Besides this, the browser is presenting a lot of feature such as password filling, automatic updates, battery level reports, and so on. For example, the browser is using carefully selected search engines for more satisfying experiences. You will have an ad blocker included, and you can choose what option you want.  UR Browser is designed to offer the best user experience so that you can personalize the home screen.

Finally, UR is using a Download Manager that will help you to parallel download files. The speed can reach 4x faster than usual because of the smart technology that splits data into small parts and download them at the same time. It’s safe to say that UR Browser is safe to use, it has bullet-proof privacy settings and security, and a lot of tools for you to use.

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