Google Assistant Won’t Set Alarm [FIXES]

Google Assistant won’t set alarm

If you’re planning to get something done by a specific time or want a reminder to get up early, you can use Google Assistant to help you with that. However, sometimes you’ll find that Google Assistant won’t set alarm and you end up getting late or forgetting that all-important task you needed to do. Don’t get mad though, there are fixes you can try.

Google Assistant helps you use voice commands to do a lot of things. From sending text messages, to making appointments and setting alarms, this virtual assistant can literally help save you a lot of trouble.

Through its alarm function, Google Assistant uses the default clock app you use to set timers and alarms manually. If it won’t set the alarm, but you can set them manually, the issue may be with Google app in your device.

We’re going to show you how to fix the problem with a few troubleshooting steps.

How to fix Google Assistant won’t set alarm

The first thing to check is that your Google Home device is connected to your WiFi network and updated to the latest firmware.  Once you have that checked, restore Google Assistant to working order using the fixes below.

Restore Google Assistant

If it can set alarms but they don’t go off, or it won’t set alarms at all, then Google app may have issues. Google app works in the background so if it malfunctions, you can find Google Assistant won’t set alarms.

To restore Google app to its original state, or factory settings, do this:

  • Open Settings>tap Apps & notifications
  • Tap Google and tap the three vertical dots to open the menu
  • Now tap Uninstall Updates
  • Tap OK

Wait for Google app updates to uninstall. Check if the Google Assistant can now set alarms, and if not, try the next step.

Remove corrupted data in Google App

Corrupt local data can cause Google Assistant not to set any alarms, such that they either won’t go off or they won’t be set. You can clear the cache and local data for the Google app by doing this:

  • Open Settings>Apps & Notifications
  • Tap Google
  • Now tap Storage
  • Tap Clear Cache and then tap Clear Storage
  • Next, tap Clear All data
  • Tap OK

Now check if Google Assistant can set alarms.

Refresh Google Assistant completely

To do this:

  • Open Settings>Apps & Notifications and tap Google
  • Tap Disable>Disable app and then tap OK

Now tap Enable and check if you can set alarms using Google Assistant. If it doesn’t, then install the latest Google app or update it from Play Store directly.

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