Viber vs. Signal: Which One Should You Choose to Download?

We have all heard of both Viber and Signal. They are both among the best messaging apps out there. Viber is a software application that’s operated by Rakuten, and it comes as freeware for Android, Microsoft, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Signal is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service that was developed by the Signal Foundation. They both use the internet, so we are not talking about additional costs. You can use both to send messages, pictures, files, and voice messages.

However, the real question here is: which one is better?

Many people choose Signal, and their reasons are legit. Signal is ranked 12th, and Viber is ranked 46th. This happens due to the fact that Signal uses an advanced end to end encryption protocol. We are talking about privacy for every message you send and receive.

PROS of using Viber

It also has a desktop app that allows texting and calling. You can even transfer calls between devices. You can synchronize between devices if you use Viber On.

It supports voice calls. The voice tech is very well implemented. The transition between phone and desktop is quite smooth when it comes to calls.

It is completely free. It uses the data connection, and the app is free, so there are no additional costs.

The interface is simple, and you can quickly see who are the people from your contact list that use the app, as well.

PROS of using Signal

Signal comes with a system that takes care of your privacy.

It is also a free app, and you verify your account by using a code. It is actually the only private messenger that uses open source.

It also comes with SMS and MMS support – you can use it as your default text messenger. However, encryption is not possible in this case.

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