Google Chrome 75.0.3370.143 Update Introduces Improved Password Generator

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world and we are not talking only about desktop PCs. The mobile version of the browser is also installed on nearly all Android powered smartphones and this speaks volumes about the performances and user experience that Google Chrome has to offer. The mobile browser is equipped with a plethora of cool features but the one feature that makes it stand out the most from its competition is the fact that Google is updating the mobile browser on a regular basis with software improvements. In fact, a new update has arrived earlier today.

Google Chrome 75.0.3370.143 Update

If you enjoy using Google Chrome on your smartphone when it comes to surfing the web, then we have some great news to share with you. The Android parent has recently released a new update for Google Chrome which changes its build number to 75.0.3370.143 and everyone can download it right now. To make things even better, the only thing that Google Chrome fans need to do in order to download the new update is to simply keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Improved Passwords

According to the patch notes included by Google Chrome’s developers in the update’s changelog, the new update enhances the mobile browser’s built-in password manager with a cool new feature. The new update can be used by Google Chrome fans in order to generate strong and unique passwords that can’t be cracked by any “bad actors”.

Moreover, the new update also makes it easier for Google Chrome fans to quickly look up their passwords just by tapping on the password field. While this might not be such an important feature like the previous one, we have to admit that it’s quite useful.

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