Can’t Access iTunes On iPad – Here’s What To Do

can't access iTunes on iPad

iTunes and iPad usually get along just fine, but sometimes, you can’t access iTunes on iPad and you need both to connect in order to back up your data and apps, or get important system updates.

Before you do replace your cable or do anything drastic, there are few checks to make as listed below.

What to do when you can’t access iTunes on iPad

Check that the computer can recognize iPad

When you connect the iPad to your computer, you should see a small lightning bolt appear in the battery meter on the top right corner of the screen. This means the iPad is charging and the computer is recognizing it. if the battery shows “not charging”, it means the USB port can’t charge the iPad, but at least the computer recognizes it.

If the lightning bolt or “not charging” words appear, then the computer is recognizing your iPad.

Check your iPad’s cable

The issue could be with the USB port, but you can check this by plugging the iPad into another port than the one you used before. If you use a USB hub, plug into an external device like your keyboard and ensure you’re using a USB port on the computer itself.

If your iPad is plugged into a different USB port, and it solves the problem, the port may be faulty or bad. Verify this by plugging a different device into the first port.

Check the power levels

When you can’t access iTunes on iPad, it could be that the latter is running low on power. If the battery is close to critical low levels or going off, it could cause issues with the iPad. If you connected your iPad to your computer, check your battery percentage by unplugging it first, and looking at the top right side of the iPad. If the level is 10 percent or less, recharge the iPad completely.

If it shows “not charging” when you plug the iPad to the computer, plug into a power outlet on the wall socket using the iPad’s charging adapter.

Restart iPad and computer

A reboot resolves any software glitches that can be causing you not to access iTunes on iPad. You can shut down the computer, and while powered down, you can let it sit for a minute or so before powering it on again. Restart the iPad too, and wait a few seconds before powering it back up. Once both are on, try to connect the iPad to iTunes again.

Reinstall iTunes

To do this:

  • Uninstall iTunes from your computer (in Windows, go to Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features and find iTunes then click Uninstall)
  • Download the latest version and connect to your iPad

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