Alexa Won’t Connect To WiFi – How To Fix It

Alexa Won’t Connect To WiFi

Alexa-enabled products like Amazon’s Echo help make our lives simpler and more convenient. However if Alexa won’t connect to WiFi, or you don’t have a WiFi connection, it won’t be helpful.

There are several causes for Alexa not connecting to WiFi, but you can use the fixes below to get the Echo Dot or other Alexa-enabled device working again, and your virtual assistant back online.

How to fix Alexa won’t connect to WiFi

Restart router or modem

This is probably the simplest solution to begin with. Before you conclude that the Alexa-enabled device is the problem, you can restart your router or modem and see if it gets Alexa back online again. Reboot both your modem and router and try to reconnect Alexa to the WiFi network after about five minutes.

Restart Alexa device

Restarting your Alexa-enabled device can also help fix any technical glitches when you discover that Alexa won’t connect to WiFi. A physical reboot can do the trick by powering down the device, and turning it back on and trying to connect to WiFi again.

Check WiFi password

You could have changed your password for the WiFi network, and this can cause the disconnection issue if you use the wrong password. Most device error messages don’t always state that the authentication is failing, so you can troubleshoot by connecting a different device to the same WiFi network with the password itself.

If other devices see the network, but can’t connect using the credentials, then the password you’re keying in may be invalid.

Move closer to the router and away from possible interference

WiFi signal strength is important. If you think you can move further away from the router without degrading, you may find that Alexa won’t connect to WiFi as it’s out of range. Move closer to your router to check if you can establish a strong signal and reliable connection.

Similarly, when there are impediments to the signal, especially from devices like wireless electronics such as baby monitors or others, it can prevent the Alexa-enabled device from maintaining steady WiFi connection. Other obstructions like reinforced doors or thick walls also affect the signal and interfere with the connection.

Reset the device to Factory settings

As a last resort when nothing else works, reset your Alexa-enabled device to factory default settings to fix the WiFi problem.  To do this:

First-generation Echo

  • Locate Reset and press it down until the light ring turns orange and then blue
  • Release the Reset button
  • When the light turns off and on, and the color is orange, the Echo is back to factory settings

Second-generation devices

  • Find the device’s volume buttons
  • Press and hold Microphone off and volume down buttons until the light ring is orange and then blue
  • Release the buttons and watch the light turn on, off and eventually orange
  • The Echo is back to factory settings

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