PUBG Lite Presents Increasingly More Bugs And Glitches, But It Has Its Advantages, Too

There is a lot of traction in favor of PUBG Lite, but this does not mean it’s a smooth ride for the players or the studio. Daily issues are surfacing that is ruining the gameplay experience for fans with loads of bugs and glitches popping up.

PUBG PC Lite common issues


The guns are reported to have powerful recoils that cannot be controlled. Gaining some degree of control over the recoil requires equipping a compensator on SGMs and ARs.

Vault and Jump

In the mobile version of the game, players can do these things with no issues. But on the PC version, it is more complicated. Needing to double press the space bar to vault from a window. The fix for this is creating custom controls that work for you.


Enabling ADS on the right mouse button will make it easier for players to AIM.

Packet loss

Gamers are experiencing lag whenever there is a packet loss. A tricky fix for this is to ask your internet provider to clear your internal cache.

PUBG PC Lite advantages


The PC version is superior to the emulator version when it comes to graphics. The emulator serves to give you a window into Android on your computer basically, which does not make for excellent graphics.

System requirements

The game requires more or less the same output as the emulator version so it won’t tax your system.


The emulators work by only relying on the CPU to render the game so this, in turn, provides for some inefficiency. The PC version does not suffer from this flaw, so it makes for superior gameplay, in terms of optimization.


The mechanics for PUBG Lite are optimized for the PC, so there are no mobile to PC issues going on like on the emulators.

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