PS5 And Xbox Scarlett will Both Come with SSD – How Will This Change Things?

We all know that Sony and Microsoft have already spoken about their next-gen consoles. But there is one thing that has caught our attention: PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will both make the most out of solid-state drivers  – SSDs. They made a promise: they are going to get rid of the loading screens. This will have a significant impact on the design of the game.

Also, the developers of the game are quite excited about what an SSD would mean for them. They would be able to make a lot of new things.

What do developers think about this?

We wanted to know the opinion of some insiders, and their thoughts on how it may improve the performance of the games. According to some of them, some games might benefit, and some others that might not. They believe that the SSDs will have the most significant impact on the open-world titles that stream textures and models when it comes to scenes. Level-based games, such as Exception, may not benefit that much from SSDs since the assets are loaded up-front and the load time is already short. They believe that developers will find a way to use the SSDs, once they are standard in consoles.

We have seen some hints with regards to some of the methods that developers use to make the most out of SSDs. They also want to cut down the load time, so they tried some new things.

Recently, we have seen a newly filed patent by Sony that showed a new method to load the game environments. They split them into sectors.

Open world titles have been using this method for quite a while now. And by using SSD, they can do a lot more.

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