iPhone 11 Series Would Not Deserve Your Money

Why should you not hurry to buy your next iPhone? There are still two months that keep us away from seeing the iPhone 11 from Apple in its whole glory and because of that, our excitement has been building around rumors and leak, not official reports or announcements.

What do we know so far about the new iPhone 11?

Apparently waiting for the 2020 iPhone would be a better idea than spending your money on the 2019 model because the upgrade cycle is not that significant and it might even bore some. If you want your iPhone to have 5G support, as it started being rolled out by carriers of this network, waiting another year might be your best choice.

Apple is known for a company that takes its own time when it comes to implementing technologies that Samsung, for example, is the first to put on the market. However, as a smartphone enthusiast is quite easy to notice that Android rivals began rolling out 5G smartphones.

Why is it better to wait than to rush to buy iPhone 11?

All the reasons about make us conclude that if you are a faithful Apple user, it would be better to wait for 2020’s version in case you do not want to switch to the Android field that keeps increasing its strength. The iOS 13 is still compatible with the iPhone released all the way back to 2015, all the way to the iPhone 6, so this would not be a reason to change your Apple handset.

However, it does not mean that we can’t have a total surprise when Apple comes up with the iPhone 11 this autumn. As an iPhone buyer, make sure you wisely choose which version, the 2019 or 2020, deserves your money.

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