iPad Running Slowly – Here’s How To Fix It

iPad running slowly

If you’re struggling with a slow iPad that seems to get bogged down after a short duration, you don’t have to get sucked into its snail pace. This is common with older iPads that lack the processing power of newer models, though even the latest iPad models can start chugging along too.

Is your iPad running slowly? It could be due to a slow internet connection, or an app that has issues. Thankfully, there are simple fixes you can use to get the device back up and running, fast.

How to fix iPad running slowly

Exit current app

This is one of the common reasons for your iPad running slowly. The app itself may be running slower than normal, but you can simply close it and relaunch it. However, this keeps the app frozen in the background, rather than actually closing out of the app.

Some apps still run in the background such as those that stream music like Spotify, or the iPad’s default music app. If the issue is with one app, use the task screen to quit out of it so as to shut the app down properly and purge it from memory so you can launch a fresh version.

The problem with this is that you could lose unsaved work by exiting the app, so wait until it finishes the current task it’s working on before you quit the app.

Restart iPad

Closing apps doesn’t always help fix the iPad running slowly issue. But, a restart is the best recourse as it’ll flush everything from memory and give the device a fresh start.

Check WiFi connectivity

Your iPad may not be chugging along, so you’d want to check your WiFi network’s speed through an online speed test to test the upload and download speeds. If the issue is with your WiFi connection, try and move closer to your router, and if it helps, boost the WiFi range.

Run the current iOS version

Major updates may slow the iPad a bit, but you need the latest iOS version as it gives you the latest performance tweaks and makes sure you have the latest security patches. Check your iOS version by going to Settings>General Settings and then tap software update.

Install Ad blocker

If the iPad runs slowly while browsing using Safari browser and the internet speed isn’t slow, the problem could be with the pages you’re browsing. Pages with more ads take longer to load, and if the ads stall out, you may wait for the page to display but it doesn’t. An ad blocker enhances your browser by disallowing ads from loading on the page.

Turn off Background App Refresh

This saves battery life while keeping the iPad running smoothly. The Background app refresh lets app refresh content, but it uses up some processing speed and internet connection causing the iPad to run slowly. To turn it off:

  • Open Settings>General
  • Tap Background App Refresh and tap on/off slider to off

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