Teamfight Tactics Top Tier Builds – Tips, Tricks, Cheat Sheets and More

Looking for a short guide on how to build a great composition in Teamfight Tactics? Search no more, we have the visuals and the tips to help you go from early to late game with these S-tier builds. We’ve also added a few A-tier builds if the RNG is not in your favor.

Glacial Rangers

You should go for this comp when you stumble upon many Vaynes – 6 or more before the Krugs. Build 2 Gunisoo’s or one and a Rapid Firecannon on her and if you get lucky with Ashe, this is the build for you. Makes sure you upgrade Vayne to 3 stars!

Early Game

Get Vayne and Morde early and you can add Lucian or Fiora to get the Noble buff until you get to midgame.

Mid Game

Make sure you add Volibear to get the glacial bonus with Ashe – you can ditch Fiora if you don’t have enough room. Then, add Cho and Sejuani, and when Kindred comes, you have a full build.


  • Make Varus a glacial with the Frozen Mallet if you cannot find Anivia.
  • Add a Shojin Spear on Ash and some attack speed items to watch the enemies being permastunned.

Synergies: Rangers (4), Phantom (2), Glacial (4), Knight (2)

Glacial Elemental Rangers

This is similar to the Glacial rangers and you can pull it off if you don’t get Morde early in the game.

Early Game

The same as Glacial, but you can go for a Garen, Fiora Vayne or Garen, Darius, Vayne – anything strong you find is good, and then you can transition.

Mid Game

Make sure you get to 4 rangers and 3 elementals to get that buff early and to be your tank. You can always go for Kennen until you find Anivia.


  • If you see a Brand in the carousel, take it ASAP!
  • Roll to find at least 6 Vaynes before the Krugs to get the 3star Vayne.

Synergies: Rangers (4), Elementalists (3), Demon (2), Glacial (4)

Locket Sorcerers

Aurelion Sol will carry your game and Morgana with 3 lockets is what you want, because it scales with the Sorcereres buff. If you see a lot of Kassadins in early, go for this comp.

Early Game

Get that Kassadin in early and then make sure you find Lulu and Morgana. You can also go with Nida and Warwick in early to help you go to mid game.

Mid Game

Try to get to level 7 and start going for 6 sorcerers and a frontliner like Sejuani or Cho. You will feel like you’re losing in mid-game, but you want to roll here to get a frontliner fast and go to late game.

Once you get the 6 sorcs and lockets, you’ll surely win the game.


If you get the Yuumi item, you can get Brand and use him as a Sorcerer to also get the demon synergy with Morgana and together with Kassadin, you will drain the enemy’s mana and avoid those CCs.

Synergies: Sorcerers (6), Dragons (2), Phantom (2), Yordles (3), Demon (2) – if you get Brand with Yuumi item.

Ninja Assassins

You can go with this comp or turn it into Ninja Elementalists or Ninja Void Assassins to add some void to get the buff – you will need to replace Evelyn with Reksai and Rengar with Cho for the void, and with the Elementalists you want to keep the Ninjas and replace the other assassins with Lissandra, Brand, Anivia and Draven (you also gett he imperialist buff with Kata). However, in both cases you will only have 4 assassins and won’t get the 6 bonus. The good thing is you can start in early with the same strategy.

Early Game

This is a great start for all three builds:

Make Kha’Zix your early pick. Pyke is very strong, so grab him fast and put a Shojin in his hands – or two, until Akali shows up to carry the late game.

Mid Game

Ninja Assassins: Add Rengar and Kata to get the 6 bonus and then slowly transition to Shen, Kennen and Akali to get the 4 Ninja bonus.

Void: Go for a void comp until you get all the 4 ninjas and make sure you have Akali to carry you, but you can go with Zed until Akali turns 2 stars.

Elementalists: Add Brand and look for the other two elementalists – place them with the 2 star units you already have. Kee


  • Add a Frozen Heart on Kha’Zix to slow down enemy carries. A Sword Breaker is also great on him.
  • For Elementalists, make sure you grab Brand fast in the carousel.


Ninja Assassins: Ninjas (4), Assassins (6)

Void: Ninjas (1), Assassins (6), Void (3), Brawler (2)

Elementalists: Ninjas (4), Assassins (3), Elementalists (3), Imperial (2)

Here’s the whole spreadsheet with all the comps we wrote about above, and a bonus with the A-tier comps. For more visuals, check out

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