Next-Generation Consoles Can Still Win Against Cloud Gaming Platforms

As more video games companies and gamers start to look at a cloud gaming as a reliable alternative to the old hardware setup, the pressure on the next-generation consoles will continue to increase. Sony and Microsoft, with PlayStation5 and, respectively, Xbox Scarlett, may offer cloud gaming services as an alternative for those who do not which or cannot acquire a dedicated console, but a sharp fall in demand for hardware units could lead to some consequences in the long run.

The anticipated Google Stadia service promises that users will have the option to enjoy an excellent experience without the need to spend thousands of dollars on a gaming PC or thousands of dollars on one of the upcoming console. The only barrier between potential players and an exciting gameplay experience will be the need to own a relatively modest PC, a speedy internet connection, a controller, and the ability to pay the subscription fee.

How the next-generation consoles could fight against cloud gaming platforms

That may seem a bit much at first, but most people already fulfill two or three of the base conditions and sharing a subscription with friends is not uncommon in our age. Here are some strategies that could save the console market. Some voices claim that the Xbox and PlayStation will offer access to a unified games library at some point, but this seems to be unlikely since Sony and Microsoft love to highlight platform exclusives. Limited storage space has been an issue since the first video games consoles surfaced on the market and many gamers continue to argue that the future generation could boost the amount of built-in storage space, with the most popular numbers being 2 or 4 TB.

This may not seem like a great feature at first, but the ability to enjoy some of your games even if your internet connection doesn’t work could be a great advantage for the consoles. This has been a tried and true strategy for ages, and it is likely that exclusives titles are here to stay for a long while.

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