Fitbit App Not Working On iPad – Try These Fixes

Fitbit App

Fitbit app is a useful app that offers data to help you track the progress of your health and fitness activities. You can also see your improvements from the Fitbit ios and Android apps. However, if you’re using the app on your iPad and it’s not working, you can try some few fixes to get your fitness back on track.

When Fitbit isn’t working with your iPad, the culprit is communication issues. The iPad may not be able to detect your Fitbit, or it won’t start, complete or continue syncing or pairing. Most of these are communication issues, but you can get them fixed so you can use the app with your iPad again.

What to do when Fitbit app isn’t working on iPad

Here are some fixes you can try to get Fitbit app working again on your iPad.

Download the iPhone version

If you can’t find an iPad app, maybe because your iPad is an earlier or third generation model, you may not easily find Fitbit app in the App Store. The fix is to download the iPhone version. To do this:

  • Go to App Store in the left side of the screen
  • Tap Filters
  • Now tap Supports
  • Tap iPhone only
  • Search for Fitbit
  • Tap Search

Pair Fitbit with iPad

If your Fitbit app won’t pair with iPad, you can download the app itself and then pair it with your iPad. To do this, enable Bluetooth on your iPad. If Bluetooth isn’t on, you won’t be able to pair the two. If Bluetooth is already enabled, pairing may also be stuck or frozen so force close the app on the iPad and try pairing it again. Restart the iPad before trying to pair the two again.

However, if Fitbit is set up on a different device like your iPhone, you may need to unpair it from the phone, or turn off Bluetooth before you can pair it with the iPad.

Otherwise, remove the Fitbit app’s pairing on the iPhone, and then open the app on iPad. Once you do this, set it up the same way you did on the iPhone, and then enter a 4-digit code shown on the Fitbit and the app will prompt to pair with your fitness device.

Get latest Fitbit app version

If Fitbit doesn’t sync with the iPad, get the latest version of the app. Most times, it could be a software bug that’s getting in the way of the communication between the two devices.

Other checks

Check the Fitbit’s battery level. If it’s high, it can sync, if low, then it won’t sync with iPad.

Remove and reinstall Fitbit app

If the app isn’t working, it will keep crashing or just won’t run properly. The best fix is to remove and reinstall it. This, however will erase any data that wasn’t synced.

Older iPads than the 4th generation aren’t officially supported so they may not work properly with Fitbit.

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