Disabled iPad? Here’s How You Can Fix it

Disabled iPad

Got a disabled iPad? You can get it working again. If your iPad got lost or stolen and someone tries to get access by hacking the code, it’ll disabled itself as a safeguard against any further intrusion attempts. An iPad disables itself following too many wrong passcode attempts in a bid to safeguard your privacy.

Initially, the iPad will be disabled for about a minute, and when the wrong passcode is typed in again, it disabled for about five minutes. With enough persistence, it disables itself completely.

You can get your iPad to work again using the troubleshooting steps below.

How to fix a disabled iPad

Factory reset

If the iPad is permanently disabled, you can only reset it back to factory default settings. This is the state your iPad was in when you first bought it. This helps protect you and your data from being accessed by intruders.

If you had set up Find My iPad, you can reset it through iCloud. This feature has a way you can remotely reset your iPad, whether it’s stolen, lost or not. You can reset it without using iTunes.

Here are the steps to take:

• Log in to your iCloud account
• Click Find My iPhone and select your iPad
• Now click Erase iPad link

Restore from your computer

If you didn’t set up Find My iPad, you can restore the iPad from the computer you used to set it up. You can also use sync the iPad to iTunes by connecting your iPad using a USB cable to the PC and launching iTunes to start the sync process.

Once you complete the process, you have a backup of everything on your iPad, and you can restore the iPad.
However, if you hadn’t synced your iPad with your PC, you can still unlock it by going through Recovery mode for iPad.

Find My iPad is a useful feature as it saves your iPad if it ever gets lost or stolen, but also offers a way for you to reset the iPad.

Recovery Mode is a bit more involved than restoring your iPad normally. Once you restore your iPad, turn on Find My iPad feature just to prevent any future problems.

Were you able to restore your iPad using any of the steps described above? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below. If you have any other issues, check with Apple support for further assistance with your iPad.

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