Alexa Is Offline – Here’s What To Do

Alexa is offline

If Alexa is offline, you could be getting a message that says your Echo device is offline. In order to resolve this, the first thing to try is a simple reboot by unplugging the Echo device, and then plugging it back it after a minute or two. Once this is done, you can check if Alexa is back online, and you’re all done.

However, sometimes, the restart may not fix the chop so you have to dig in a little deeper to find some help. We’ve rounded up some troubleshooting steps that can help you get Alexa app back online to use it for your activities.

What to do when Alexa is offline

Update Alexa

An outdated Alexa app may cause it to appear offline. To update it, go to Google Play Store or iTunes App Store, and Echo will automatically update Alexa when connected to WiFi. You can also update manually if you feel it didn’t do it properly by saying “Check for software updates”. Just don’t use the Echo while the update is going on.

Reinstall Alexa

Uninstall and reinstall Alexa to fix the Alexa is offline issue. You can follow the instructions for your phone on how to uninstall and reinstall apps from the different Android and iOS app stores.

Check your WiFi and power

Check if your Echo is plugged into a power outlet. If you see a red light ring on your Echo, it has power; no lights means you need to check and plug into a power outlet. Your Echo device also appears on Alexa if the phone is connected to WiFi so check that your router and modem are on and the phone is connected to the internet.

Update WiFi network information

If Alexa is offline, and the Echo shows as offline as well, you could have the wrong network information in terms of username or password. To update the information for Echo, do this:

  • Go to Alex and tap Menu>Settings
  • Press Device Settings
  • Select the Echo device
  • Tap Change next to WiFi network and follow the on-screen instructions

Register Echo device again

Echo devices are registered to the owner’s Amazon account before they’re sent to them. If it isn’t showing on Alexa, re-register again by doing this:

  • Go to Amazon and log in, and then click Your Account>Your Content and Devices
  • Click Devices in the Manage Your Content and Devices menu
  • Find your Echo device and select the three dots next to it
  • Click Deregister and confirm the action
  • Unplug and plug your Echo again and then open Alexa
  • Tap Devices
  • Press + icon
  • Tap Add Devices and follow the steps

Reset Echo

  • Find Reset and press and hold it down until the light ring turns orange, and then blue
  • Release Reset
  • Wait for the light to go off and back on. When it turns orange, you’re in set up mode
  • Connect Echo to WiFi and register to your Amazon account via Alexa

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