PlayStation 5 Might Show Up At Gamescom 2019

Sony surprised a large number of people when it announced that it wouldn’t have a boot at E3 2019. While E3 may enjoy the highest notoriety there are other conventions were the company may opt to participate and Gamescom is one of them, to present PlayStation 5. Read below to learn why revealing the console as fast as possible would be a great decision.

Cancelled PlayStation Experience

Since 2014 Sony has used to hold an annual PlayStation Experience conference which offered information a variety of topics, including new hardware, upcoming games, and special promotions. The event was canceled in 2018 as the company said there were no announcements which would have justified the event. Another reason was the decision to avoid unnecessary hype since recent events showed what happened when you couldn’t respect the promises which were made when something was announced.

Stealing the limelight

The announcement of a new console could steal the spotlight at the convention, even more so if we take into account the fact that Microsoft is still hard at work on Project Scarlett. Why is Sony waiting to announce the console instead of sharing a press release?

Sony is also hard at work on the next-gen console, and the company likely wants to see that everything works as expected before the device will be unveiled. This is not great news if you prefer companies which are more open when it comes to the development process, but it is an excellent strategy in the long run since the company can remove troublesome features without any form of outcry from the public.

Making an impression

In the world of gaming, it is quite hard to make a long-lasting impression since new announcements surface daily. Some argue that Sony may be working an innovative marking strategy which could encourage more potential customers to buy the device. A select few hope that an approach which is similar to the one used by Devolver Digital at E3 could be used to reveal PlayStation 5 at Gamescom.

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