Okay Google Not Working – Get The Fix

When using Google Assistant, you may sometimes find Okay Google not working. This can be because of the internet connection, or the service is disabled on your device. 

There are several checks you need to perform before you can get Okay Google to work on your phone again, including:

  • Check if your phone is online or offline. If the phone is offline, Google Assistant will let you know that it can’t help you with services while offline. This means Okay Google won’t work, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else while offline or without internet access. 
  • Check if your phone is compatible with Okay Google, especially if it’s your first time to try the service on your phone. If it meets all the requirements of Google Assistant system, and works with the model of your phone, then it’s good to go
  • Check that your microphone is working. If it isn’t then it’ll prevent your phone from responding when you say Okay Google. 

How to fix Okay Google not working

Retrain Voice Match

If your phone doesn’t respond when you say Okay Google, then Google Assistant service is disabled. There are some services that have to be enabled on your phone for the Assistant to recognize you when you speak to your phone. It’ll then wake up the phone and respond. 

These services include Access with voice match, Google Assistant, and Unlock with Voice Match. Enable all three and retrain Google Assistant to recognize your voice. The instructions vary with the device you’re using so pick the right phone model before you work through the steps.

Update Google App

Google App controls if your phone will respond to Okay Google or not. If the app is outdated or corrupted, it can affect the response to your voice prompt. If you find Okay Google not working on your phone, update Google App from Play Store on your phone and check its installation status.

If it’s fully updated and installed, the OPEN button will be visible, otherwise the UPDATE  button will display instead. 

You can also tap the three dots at the top right side to view app settings, and then tap Enable auto update so the app is always updated and your phone will respond to Okay Google, always.

Enable Google Voice & Audio activity

For Okay Google to work, make sure you enable Voice & Audio Activity. Doing this will improve speech recognition for Assistant.

Check Language settings

This is a rare cause of Okay Google not working, but if you set it up using the wrong language, it won’t recognize the prompt as it’ll be listening for a different language. Make sure the Language & Input setting is set to the language you’re using when saying Okay Google. You can also update your Android’s language pack if using a language other than English.

Disable apps that interfere with Okay Google

Some apps are known to interfere with Okay Google such as Bixby, AppLock, KingRoot, and Samsung Voice. You can uninstall or disable them to fix Okay Google not working issue.

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