iPhone 12 Models Would Be Dropping The Notch

Any iPhone user can instantly identify the notch on the newer phones. The top part of the phone that holds the camera and the speakers. The iPhone X and the XS come equipped with the notch, with other manufacturers opting for smaller notches or no notches entirely for a streamline effect. News, coming in from publication Chinese Times, is saying that Apple is intending to reduce the size of the notch on their phones or even remove it entirely. This will happen with the introduction of a new line of upgraded iPhone 12 models in 2020.

Apple will favor the under-screen technology for the front camera with their future designs, as some reports indicate, taking inspiration from the reveal of Oppo’s designs at MWC Shanghai. It will take some time until these, more futuristic, designs will grace the majority of phones. But it is looking like Apple will be among the first to champion the look and the tech behind it.

Reports suggest that not all phones will receive the implementation in 2020. With only some of the iPhone models getting this upgrade. 2021 will be the year when we will see a full overhaul of the esthetics that concern the notch and its function.

iPhone 12 Models Would Be Dropping The Notch

These changes will only start to happen in 2020 with the introduction of the iPhone 12. Do not expect to see anything of the sort in 2019 with the iPhone 11. Future improvements of Apple’s devices may have a strong chance to cripple their sales for late 2019. But it is Apple we’re talking about such hardened fans will definitely buy their stuff.

The iPhone 11 has been the main subject of rumor this year, but it has been overshadowed by its future successor, even before it had a chance to gain some spotlight. With one of the most exciting upgrades for the iPhone 12 being its 5G connectivity.

And that is a feature that is creating quite the buzz for next year’s phones in general. So, let’s wait and see what Apple brings us next year with its iPhone 12 models, or at least wait for the next leak. There seems to be a lot of them.

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