Huawei Wants to Show the World the EMUI 10 

There still have to pass some months before the well-expected Android Q gets a dessert nickname, and, with it, a final release of the device. We all know that Android Q Beta 5 was released earlier this week, and it came as the first of the two release candidate builds. OEMs are already working on Android Q. Huawei is ready to show to the world what they have been working on with EMUI 10 for a long time. This will take place sometime next month.

What is Huawei’s EMUI software?

For those of you who don’t know what Huawei’s EMUI software is, EMUI 10 is based on Android Q. We know a bit about the software from the Huawei P30 Pro from last month, so we clearly understand that they are working on it. Huawei has also shared the schedule for the annual Developer Conference, which will happen on the 9th of August. Right there on the schedule, there is something called “Linking the future of the world – Huawei EMUI 10.0 released.”

This is probably just a demo of the software.

As said before, Android Q will not be ready for the public until later this year. Android Q Beta 6 will come as the last release candidate build. So it is not really surprising to see that EMUI 10.0 will be released next month. We are probably dealing just with a demo of the software, but it is still amazing. OEMs don’t really reveal their subsequent software versions before Google actually makes them the real deal.

We cannot do anything but wait for the release. We are as excited as you are about this!

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