WhatsApp Plus 2019: How Safe It Is To Use?​​

The popular messaging app WhatsApp is widely used around the globe. However, not many have heard of a relatively new superior version of the app called WhatsApp Plus. The 2019 version of WhatsApp Plus has been extremely popular in the last period, and you might be wondering if it is better than the original WhatsApp. To find out the answer, read our guide on WhatsApp Plus 2019.

WhatsApp Plus 2019 – What is different

The WhatsApp Plus ​is, in fact, a modified version of the original messaging app. The version was created by a Spanish developer back in 2012, and it has a lot of features the original WhatsApp doesn’t have.

WhatsApp Plus ​provides more than 700 different themes for you to select from, numerous other emotes that WhatsApp doesn’t offers and advanced file-sharing alternatives. All these construct a greater customizable version of the app. WhatsApp Plus also sports the usual WhatsApp features as well, including backing up your messages and pictures, also being able to hide the ‘seen’ option.

WhatsApp Plus 2019 – How safe it is to use

If you are thinking of switching over to WhatsApp Plus, you will want to know whether the messaging app is safe to use or not. Those kinds of apps have the disposition to be easily hacked.

The official WhatsApp developing team have released a statement in which they claimed that this alternative app is not safe to use, and you should only use the original version. Needless to say, WhatsApp Plus’ creator would state the opposite. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Also, there were cases when WhatsApp’s development team had banned users who downloaded and installed the WhatsApp Plus. If you still want to get it after all this information, beware that your WhatsApp account can be discontinued or even deleted when the WhatsApp’ team notices.

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