Monster Hunter World Expansion Pack To Bring A Lot Of New Content

Monster Hunter World is one of the most popular titles released by Capcom, and the excellent title has received a large number of positive reviews from critics and players alike.

The success of the title led to the announcement of cross-over events and a full expansion which will be released in the autumn. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will add a considerable amount the content and Capcom is excited about the new features, which were recently highlighted by the company.

One of the most considerable changes to the come comes with the addition of subspecies monsters, which will offer new takes on the savage creatures which are present in the world. Players will need to hone their skills if they wish to capture the new beasts and the latest trailer for the expansion highlights two monsters: a spectacular wyvern known as Fulgur who channels lighting to rain death from above and the mighty Ebony Odogaron which has an improved attack range and the power of dragon elements.

Monster Hunter World Expansion Pack To Bring A Lot Of New Content

Veteran players will recognize Glavenus, who has a powerful roar and carries a dangerous tail which could doom your party with a single sweep attack.

The expansion will bring a new home base and a simplified Gathering Hub which aims to improve the life of hunting parties by offering a large number of functions and feature. The hub is built across a great hot spring, and it allows hunters to deal with all the pre-hunt activities and requirements in just a few minutes, including deals with a forge, a resource center which offers bounty or the change to use botanical research to harvest new items.

The player-housing will be improved as they will gain access to new personalization options and the ability to visit the rooms of other hunters. Other improvements come in the form of dynamic scaling if some party members decide to leave and new features for the sidekicks.

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