AirPods 3 Would Launch Later This Year

Apple’s AirPods 3 is expected to hit shelves in late 2019. The third version will have water resistance as opposed to previous versions that were powerless against a drizzle or some dust. Not to mention a full workout sweat.

Improvements in AirPods 3

A report has come in saying that the new AirPods will become available in time for the holiday shopping season. The earphones will also have some design improvements that are currently a secret. This is relatively understandable, seeing that the design has remained the same throughout the first couple versions.

A new “Hey Siri” will be available for the new AirPods so you can have very strange conversations with Siri by using your earphones. Noise cancellation is something that rumored to be featured on the latest tech. As well as a biometric sensor, so your ears can measure your heart rate.

All of these features will mean that the earphones will become even more expensive — more than the $159 exactly. So Apple has ingeniously thought about separating the earphones into different models, so you can choose what kind of features you’re paying for.

Apple’s gameplan with AirPods 3

Apple also wants to get into the over-ear headphones game. So they can sell headphones at prices comparable to Beats, which are not even the best quality you can buy for their price.  Yes, you will probably be able to buy Apple headphones later this year. It is said that these come equipped with noise cancellation and that they’re “studio quality.”

Sources from China say that new techniques in design and assembly will improve yield rates, save space, and reduce manufacturing costs of AirPods 3, something amusing as prices will go up for consumers with the new model coming out.

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