2020 iPhone Models Would Be Much Better Than iPhone 11 Series

If you were maybe kind of thinking of getting an upgrade in the iPhone department, then you will be disappointed. However, if you’re a die-hard Apple fan, you’ll just buy the new phone anyway. So there is no way I can possibly convince you the iPhone 11 is not worth buying. But for the rest of the consumers, here we go.

This year, 2019, is not a good year for Apple, the iPhone 11 models, in particular. The style is nothing to praise on the new model. The iPhone 11 is lacking overall in most departments despite receiving a few improvements.

2020 iPhone Models Would Be Better Than iPhone 11 Series

The year of 2020 should see Apple make improvements with the 2020 iPhone models, so that should be the year for an upgrade. A resizing will be performed by making the standard phone 0.4 inches smaller and enlarging the Plus model by 0.2 inches. While the XR will remain at the same size.

This makes a whole lot of sense because people are pretty much split down the middle of their size preference. With some wanting a smaller phone they can easily handle with one hand, while others want a big screen for various reasons. The interior workings will receive a significant upgrade as well. It is reported that all 2020 iPhone models will be outfitted with OLED panels as well as being introduced with 5G technology.

Some new “witchcraft” called 3D Sensing will allow the phones to have AR/VR capabilities which will allow for some crazy experiences, including gaming madness. The notch on the iPhone will possibly disappear, being replaced with a punch-hole display.


  • So, Apple wants to give us the chance to buy a new phone every year.
  • Information is pretty much leaked about next year’s model. So you can compare.
  • A year is not such a long time for your phone to still be relevant.
  • If you want an upgrade wait until next year for an all-round better phone.
  • The only reason to buy the 2019 iPhone is that your current phone breaks, but 2020 iPhone models would be the real deal.

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