Team Electra Updates its Chimera Jailbreak Tool​

Tech giant Apple has just released its iOS 13 public beta, but there is no sign of a jailbreak version of the operating system yet. This applies to the modified iOS 12 also, which was provided with a jailbreak tool that functions on versions 12 to 12.1.2. Team Electra has issued the same solution earlier this week as well.

According to a report by iPhone Hacks, the hacking group’s piece named Chimera is now on version 1.1.0. The most recent enhancement updates the packaged Sileo release to the latest version and fixes bugs with the bundle’s manager’s icon disappearing after a fruitful jailbreak, the report stated.

Even so, the jailbreak launch is not as vital as the developers themselves have confirmed that jumping to the new version is not obligatory. Instead, jailbreak fans can install the new Sileo package without Chimera to benefit from the variant featuring version 1.1.5.

In the new Sileo, Team Electra did some recoding that manages a faster and more steady loading time. Choosing this method, Sileo can be installed independent of Chimera, and it can be accessed via the developers’ storage website.

As we mentioned before, his jailbreak update will function on iPhones and iPads featuring the iOS 12 versions of the original launch up to 12.1.2.

Team Electra’s latest attempts seem to show that jailbreaking developments on iOS 12 have practically been delayed. The same goes for the jailbreak tool that was developed by the unc0ver team. The jailbreak fans are expecting that as the iOS 13 will soon be released, developers and security researchers will concentrate their efforts on breaking the new iOS version.

This new jailbreaking way appeared to have gotten confirmation from a new report provided by security researcher Luca Todesco. WCCTech says that Todesco has created a tfp0 exploit in iOS 13, and it totally meant that in spite of Apple’s security actions, the possibility of a break is again existent.

It is most likely that the Italian researcher will not develop the jailbreak himself. Just like in previous instances, Todesco will allow developers to have access to his discoveries, which will perhaps start to work on a jailbreak solution. However, this will happen only after the official release of the iOS 13, in September 2019. If there will be an iOS 13 jailbreak tool launch, it will probably happen sometime from October to December of this year.

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