Minecraft Realm Owners and Content Creators Update Available with New Improvements

Minecraft is one of the most played construction game in the world. All over the globe, there are more than 90 million players every month. Minecraft was created by Markus “Notch” Persson, the founder of Mojang AB.

On June 9th, Minecraft surprised its players with an extensive assortment of updates, changes and bug fixes for not only Realm owners, but also content creators.

Here is a list of the most important adjustments. A more comprehensive list can be found on the Minecraft official site.


  • To locate the mobs is much easier now as the volume of the sounds they make was increased.
  • There are new sounds for Wandering Trader.
  • Realm owners are able to apply authorization for players they have invited to their Realm.
  • Default settings for new members of a Realm.
  • Realm creator is able to nominate a new member as “visitor”, “member” or “operator” which will not change when a world is resetted.


  • Main menu splash text
  • Default main menu perspective from Aquatic to Village & Pillage
  • Store button was given another name – Marketplace
  • Players can interact with blocks while grasping a crossbow

Bug fixes

A multitude of crashes had been fixed that could take place when launching the game, while in the game, while the game is loading or is paused or leaving the game:

  • When some interactive blocks load
  • When players are switching on Xbox 1 or signing in Xbox Live
  • When hurling an Egg, Snowball or a trident
  • When buying or selling from a Villager or loading items from the Marketplace
  • When selecting a skin on game launch. They also apply properly after reloading or reinstalling of the game
  • When unlocking an achievement by consuming the final article in a stack
  • Haggler opens after the conditions are met
  • The Zombie Doctor opens after healing a zombie villager
  • End Gateway portals function properly


  • On interface screens and interactions
  • When opening inventory menus
  • On bandwidth usage. The users are now able to reuse chunks they have already seen
  • For new villages and villager job sites
  • On mob pathfinding
  • On frosted ice blocks as they melt
  • On Endermen teleporting particles
  • On the performance on Nintendo Switch

A tip: look over the upgrades, changes and fixes in case you play Minecraft. They can be a ‘game’ saver.

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