WhatsApp Update Available with Bring Dark Mode to the App​

WhatsApp is the most popular, the most used and the most loved messaging app in the world. The developers behind the application are working hard to bring to its billions of users numerous helpful features. WhatsApp has already brought several privacy measures to make the app safer for its users. The app has also taken the lead from its closest rivals, for instance, Viber and WeChat in Asia, and Facebook’s own Messenger chat application.

Since the beginning of this year, the instant messaging app has implemented brand new features, such as he ‘frequently forwarded,’ ‘forwarding info,’ and the group calling shortcut. The latter feature allowed users to start a group voice and video calls with a simple button. WhatsApp’s developers are now working on some new attires that will further simplify the life of its users and will offer them a more exciting experience.

New Features

These are some of the features WhatsApp might come within the following months.

Dark Mode

The Dark Mode option is the most expected feature, and users are anxiously waiting for it. The mode is already accessible on other messaging apps, and WhatsApp should have had it by which time. This feature has been worked on for a long time now, and reports imply that Dark Mode might finally arrive in the messaging app in a few months.

Hide Muted Status

This Hide Muted Status feature will be implemented with the Android 2.19.183 beta update and will offer users the option to hide the status updates from particular people from the contact list. The new Hide Muted Status button will appear next to the Muted Updates section.

To make all the Muted Updates disappear, tap on the ‘Hide’ button. You can bring the Muted Updates back by tapping the ‘Show’ button that will replace the ‘Hide’ key. ​

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