Realme C1 Gets Android Pie And Latest Security Patches Via ColorOS 6.0

Almost a year has passed since the well-received Android Pie update was released. Some smartphone manufacturers are still working on bringing the anticipated version of Android on their devices. Realme is one of them as the company is working hard to make its customers happy. Realme C1 will receive the Android Pie update as it seems that a new ColorOS 6.0 is now available. The patch also includes the latest security patch, which should make your device safer.

What’s new in ColorOS 6.0 and Android Pie for Realme C1?

As expected, the latest update will come with a variety of new features. Users will get access to a revamped action bar which offers icons for notifications. The support for gestures was also improved, and the device performs better when gestures are used to navigate.

Those who love the look of the app drawer will be happy to learn that the feature is now available in the form of an arrow up button which can be found on the home screen. The handy Riding mode will allow users to mute notifications when they are traveling. Incoming calls will be answered automatically with a text message. A dedicates theme store is now available, allowing users to customize the device according to their wishes.

The new OS version is accompanied by a custom font known as Oppo Sans. The font is quite stylish, and it seems that the new font is quite popular among fans. While it doesn’t carry some of the most impressive spec lists, Realme C1 is an excellent choice if you want an affordable device which is also able to perform a large number of tasks without any issues.

ColorOS 6.0 with Android Pie would be available over-the-air soon

The new ColorOS 6.0 update, which will bring Android Pie to Realme C1, will be available over-the-air, and users should see a notification on their device. Since the update is quite massive, it is advised to connect to a Wi-Fi network before you attempt to download it. The device should also be charged above 50% so users can avoid any potential issues which could surface during the update process.

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