Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Version To Boast Some Useful Features

A significant number of Windows 10 users were impressed by the performance of Microsoft Edge, the default browser introduced with Windows 10. While the initial reviews were positive, the browser failed to attract a reliable user base as many Windows fans used it only to download alternate browsers. Microsoft wanted to tackle the issue and decided to join the Chromium project and create a Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

The move was quite surprising since many know that Microsoft championed the built-in Internet Explorer and Edge for a long while. The transition to Chromium could be a brilliant idea in the long run since it will make Edge more competitive with Chrome, as the two browsers will offer an array of similar features.

Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Version To Boast Some Useful Features

To make the browser stand out, Microsoft is working on a selection of features, and one of them could be quite handy. In the age of fast internet, a lot of content is pre-loaded automatically. For example, when you use Chrome to search for images, the browser will load the entire page of results at once since most users don’t like to wait.

In theory, this process facilitates a smoother experience, but some users claim that a lot of data is wasted in the process. While this may not seem to be a great deal, some internet users have a limited data plan, and serious data consumption will limit their experience in the long run. Others may have a slower data connection and have to wait for a long while until all the images are loaded.

According to a report offered by a reliable source, Microsoft will allow users to limit or block auto loading on sites which provide a large amount of video content. As expected, this feature won’t work with sites which rely on this functionality, like YouTube or Netflix, but it could be quite useful in some situations. Users of the Chromium build of Edge have the option to activate the feature by visiting the advanced settings menu.

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