Google Play Store Check your connection and try again [SOLVED]

If you have an Android device, and have used Google Play Store several times, you’ve probably encountered a good number of operating system glitches and issues with apps. This doesn’t mean the same doesn’t happen with iPhones or ios devices.

Google Play Store brings up several issues, which have several simple fixes that work a lot of the time, and are a good place to start. However, sometimes you might need solutions that are a little outside the box.

If you’re always getting the Check your connection and try again error message, and nothing you try fixes it, there are some solutions below that can help. These should fix just about any Android version so try any of them and see if they help you out.

How to fix Check your connection and try again error in Google Play Store

Change date and time settings

To do this:

  • Open Settings in Android
  • Select Date and Time
  • Disable Automatic date and time so you can change the settings. Disable the automatic time zone too
  • Tap set date and set it forward about five years
  • Open Play Store and allow it to connect
  • Go back to the date and time settings
  • Enable automatic time zone and automatic date and time settings

Change DNS server

To use this solution, you need a WiFi connection. Connect to WiFi and then do this:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap WiFi
  • Now tap on the network you connected to and hold and then select Modify network
  • Enable Advanced options
  • Change IP settings to Static and then change DNS 1 to and DNS 2 to
  • Tap Save
  • Open Settings again
  • Select Apps

Go to the All section and clear cache for Google Play Store, Google Services Framework and Google Play Services apps and then open Play Store app and connect.

Remove host file

To do this, you need a rooted Android device and a file manager app that’s able to view system files. Using your file manager, go to /root/etc/ and find the hosts file. Remove the file or rename it, and then restart your Android device, open Play Store and let it connect.

Were you able to deal with the Check your connection and try again error in Google Play Store with any of these solutions? Let us know in the comments section what worked and what didn’t.

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