Quick Solutions To Unlock Android Devices If You Forgot The Pattern

There isn’t just one way to unlock Android devices if you forgot the pattern. Android is a little more versatile than Apple’s iOS, which has a more centralized way of doing things. Recovering your password or just being able to use your phone again is one of those things. Here are a few ways to unlock your Android phone if you forgot the pattern.

Quick Solutions To Unlock Android Devices If You Forgot The Pattern

Find my device ( Android 2.3 and above )

This is the simplest way to regain the ability to use your device if you have forgotten the pin. It does require you to be logged in to your Google account:

  • Get on a computer and log into Google Find My Device
  • Select your device from the list that pops up
  • Select Lock which provides your phone with a new code
  • Use the new code to gain access to your phone

Smart Lock ( Android 5.0 and above )

Older versions of Android have less security than newer ones. The Smart Lock feature allows you to unlock a phone if you do the right things:

  • Your computer and phone need to connect to the same WiFi
  • Set up a smart lock on the software in various ways
  • Unlock your device

Google Account ( Android 4.4 and below )

Google provides a secure method of unlocking your phone if you don’t remember the pin:

  • Try to remember your pattern (you get five tries)
  • After being locked out, press the Forgot Pattern option
  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • You will receive a new pin and pattern

Third-party options

Samsung is one of the manufacturers that provides a tracking service which also includes a lock/unlock Android devices feature:

  • Check to see if your phone manufacturer has such a service
  • Go on the relevant website
  • Sign up and unlock your phone

Factory Reset

If all the quick solutions to unlock Android devices that we presented above fail, you can perform a factory reset. This can be done automatically on Google Find My Device section of your Google Account. If you cannot do this, a manual reset is required. Look online for a method to reset your specific Android phone or tablet.

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