GTA Online Casino DLC Release Date Update – It Might Come This Month

GTA Online gamers could get their high on with the possible reveal of the GTA Online Casino that will be available on PC, Xbox, and PS4. Keen observers will have noticed all the buzz around the upcoming launch of the new GTA Online Casino DLC. No release date has been offered, but it is expected to come around very soon.

With high hopes that Rockstar Games will make the multiplayer expansion ready for players later this week. Some data trackers have been observing the launch cycles the devs have been using. These brainy people tell us that their spying activities have resulted in a possible launch this week.

The only official confirmation from Rockstar Games is that the expansion will indeed come in the summer of 2019. This clearly is not a time frame that is acceptable for hardened fans. Many of them wish to know the exact date so they can get excited about it.

Rumors say the GTA Online Casino DLC might come out on July 18th

It is expected that Rockstar Games will reveal a new trailer for the GTA Online Casino DLC along with the official release date. So if we are to believe rumors, this should happen any day now. With some predicting that the launch date will be on July 18th.

Nobody is genuinely expecting an August or September release due to the shared details about the Casino expansion. TezFunz, a reliable tracker on Rockstar Games, says he thinks a July update will probably happen, but he is not sure.

Players will be able to visit the casino to play table games as well as have access to new shops, as confirmed by Rockstar Games. Newly minted vehicles are a must-have for the GTA Online Casino DLC, which should be on the elite level — seeing that the game is already very rich in that type of content. There is still much we do not know about the GTA Online Casino Update. But be ready for the trailer to enlighten us any minute now.

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