Google Chrome Screen Flickering – Here’s The Fix

Google Chrome screen flickering

If you’ve noticed Google Chrome screen flickering on your computer, especially in Windows 10, it’s one among other Chrome issues like black screen, font display, or black bottom bar and more. The problem actually stems from January 2018 and bug reports show the problem hadn’t been addressed for a while but we’ll show you how to deal with it.

Screen flickering, like any other issue on your computer can be resolved using multiple fixes, which you’d need to try to get your browser back to order. What happens in the case of Chrome browser is that the window flashes regularly, almost every minute or so.

Generally, it could have a lot to do with Windows color and background settings and changing the configuration seems to resolve it for most Chrome users with the screen flashing problem. Read on to find out what you can do to resolve the problem.

How to fix Google Chrome screen flickering

As stated before, you can make changes to the background and color settings in Windows. However, video card drivers that are outdated can also cause the screen to flicker or flash in Chrome, so updating to the most recent version would help, plus updating your Chrome browser.

To resolve the screen flickering, do this:

  • Open Settings in Windows 10 by clicking Start and selecting Settings
  • Switch to Personalization to load Background preferences or select Background on the left pane
  • Select Solid color to be the new background. Windows’ automatic background switching is one of the main causes of the screen flashing in Chrome so the browser could have issues with it. if you prefer a static image, you can use that as well
  • Select a solid color or image to display the desktop background
  • Switch to Colors under Personalization section
  • Check Automatically pick an accent color from my background

Disable hardware acceleration in Chrome

This is another useful fix as reported by users. To do this:

  • Load chrome://settings/ in the address bar in Chrome
  • Click Advanced link
  • Scroll to System section
  • Toggle Use hardware acceleration when available off
  • Restart Google Chrome to see if the screen flickering issue disappears

Is Google Chrome screen flickering on your Windows 10 computer anymore? If not, let us know which fix in this article helped or worked for you. If you used a different solution, let us know about it in the comments section below.

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