Facebook Lite Beta Update is Now Live with Faster Performances

One of the things that sets Facebook apart from all other social media apps is the fact that Facebook has been designed to cater to all people, even to those who use lower-end smartphones that do not benefit from large amounts of internal storage space or powerful CPUs. However, if the app is still running too slow, then users can always download Facebook Lite and give it a try.

Facebook Lite is a lightweight app which is the perfect alternative to Facebook. The app weighs in at only a handful of MBs and what really makes it stand out is the fact that it is equipped with a highly optimized software that lowers the overall mobile data use that the social media app needs in order to load the newsfeed and other media files.

Facebook Lite Beta Update

As previously noted, Facebook Lite offers a highly optimized software experience. This is why no one should be surprised to find out that the lightweight social media app is updated on a regular basis. In fact, a brand-new update which sports the beta version number has just been released.

The new update for Facebook Lite doesn’t come with any new features or visual changes, but it does make up for that by introducing a handful of bug fixes. According to the patch notes released by the developers of Facebook Lite in the update’s changelog, the new bug fixes are taking care of various issues and they improve the overall user experience that Facebook Lite has to offer.

How to Get a Beta Account

As most of you can already tell, the new update is exclusive to Facebook Lite users who are enrolled in the beta program. Fortunately, everyone who uses an Android-powered smartphone is allowed to join the Facebook beta program.

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