Top 5 Best Aptoide Alternatives Available to Download and Install

There are many app store marketplaces all over the web besides Aptiode, but not all of them are great. Since there is no death to these app store options, we decided to bring you the best alternatives to Aptiode to choose from.

Aptiode is a popular third-party Android app store. The app allows you to design and administer your own store and has numerous features users love. One of these features is the affiliate program that enables them to create their own storefronts.

However, the app has some drawbacks not many people are willing to accept. In the age of speed, Aptiode’s downloading process is quite slow, which makes it easy to dump.

But, there are other app store alternatives that might suit you better. We brought five best options for you to choose from.

​1. Google Play Store

The popular Google Play Store is the original marketplace on all Android smartphones. And since Android is the most famous and widespread mobile phone operating system, we can say that everyone knows a thing or two about Google Play Store.

A great feature Google Play Store sports is its ability to sync on all devices using a Google account. This makes navigating on no matter what device you have easier. The app store provides thousands of apps to choose from, and the majority are free to download and use. It also comes with the possibility to download books, music, movies, and more.

  1. APKMirror

APKMirror has become one of the most massive Android news marketplace. A great thing about APKMirror is that all the uploads are vetted and approved manually, and only the free apps and games are accepted. This means that the app store offers quality over quantity.

APKMirror provides users with access to older versions of the apps, and it allows them to get a beta version of an app or a game without needing to be a developer. The app doesn’t require registration to let you download its apps.

  1. Uptodown

Uptodown is incredibly easy to use as it labels its apps and games into categories. The various categories are displayed on the main page of the website and are easy to navigate. The app store also offers the possibility to search for the app or game you want by the device they are compatible with.

  1. F-Droid

F-Droid is an amazing Aptiode alternative as it is rather a unique app store, easy to use, and offering a quick download process. This app store doesn’t ask for registration to download either, and it has a decent inventory. F-Droid lets you customize the app, change the way you use it, play with the themes, and select the way Wi-Fi manages updates and downloads.

  1. Appbrain

Appbrain is a renown ad network app that presents a unique pay-per-install app promotion service. The purpose of the app store is to offer developers a quick and easy method to expand the reach of their apps and develop their business. Appbrain offers a Cost-Per-Install (CPI)- based app promotion system only for the Android devices. The CPI system means that the app only charges developers for actual installs, not for clicks or impressions.

Which app store alternative suits you best? No matter which Aptiode substitute you choose between the ones described above, it will perform great as they are the best options you can get on the market.

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