Apple To Launch A 2019 iPhone Model For The Chinese Market

Apple is not winning people over with its designs in recent years. But there is hope yet as the company has a future design that will probably please many customers. The Chinese have given the world the following information by way of their popular website Global Times. It has been discovered that Apple will give us a new 2019 iPhone model that won’t break the bank, so meaning under $700? Who knows…


The new phone will ditch Face ID to replace it with an in-display fingerprint sensor. Global times tell us that this new initiative is being undertaken to boost sales in the Chinese market.

Wishing to provide a cheaper phone to win back some sales from popular brands such as Huawei and Oppo. These manufacturers are industry leaders when it comes to designs and their prices are much lower than what Apple charges.

Global Times comes in again to inform us that most of the Chinese market wants phones that are priced under $600. The iPhone SE used to be a key seller in that market but it has grown old just by itself. Not to mention made useless by the stiff competition that offers way more specs for the same amount of money.


Apple has decided to get back in the game and try to be competitive. They have been developing new parts for these new iPhones. They have filled 5 Touch ID patents that may even perform a 3D model of your fingerprint.

There is no release date for this mystery phone from Apple that is also on the cheaper side. 2020 or 2021 might see it reveal itself with its new design, tech, and affordable price. So 2019 will probably not be a good year to buy a new iPhone. Waiting to see what next year brings might be a good idea.

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