iOS 13 Beta 3 Permits File Sharing Between Devices Via A Cable

The third developer beta of iOS 13, iPadOS 13, tvOS 13, watchOS 6, and macOS Catalina are out, and if users are used for these betas to focus on performance improvements and bug fixes, this time is different. iOS beta 13 now comes with a not so unusual feature, as it happens from time to time, that will allow us to transfer data between devices through a cable.

iOS 13 Beta 3 Launched With New File Sharing Features

We have seen some suggestions made by iOS Beta 3 in the Setup app regarding a new way to transfer data between devices. The Setup app runs every time you set up a new device for the first time or after a reset. In present days, you can restore a new iOS device, when you set it up, from an iTunes backup or an iCloud backup.

Another option offered by Apple is to speed up by having another iOS 13 device next to the new one, which has to be logged in to your Apple ID account, and, by doing this, you can transfer your data without a wire.

iOS 13 Beta 3 Suggested That iOS 13 Would Come With Lightning-to-Lightning Sharing

There were some clues found as the iOS 13 Beta 3 released that suggest that Apple is up to something. The company tries to find a new way to transfer data from another iOS device in a direct way, through a cable. We don’t have a clue how this will work when the current iPhones feature a Lightning port, and there is no Lightning-to-Lightning cable offered by Apple.

Even if you reset a device running iOS 13 Beta 3 and you do the setup process manually, you will not see the new transfer option. Maybe this new way of transferring data is not ready yet, or it is a working progress for the upcoming new devices of Apple.

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