Android Q Will Focus on ‘Night Sight’ Mode Inside The Camera App

We have some news from a user that is testing the betas versions on his Google Pixel saying that Android Q will focus on ‘Night Sight’ mode in the camera app for Google Pixel models.

This time it seems that he received the update to Android Q Beta 5, and it is strange, but allowed us to see what new features this update will bring.

Please take note that is possible for this Beta 5 not to be the same one with the users waiting for it on Google Pixel very soon, as in August this year, so this leaked update is out a month earlier than we all expected. If we know that version numbers start with QPP1, QPP2, etc., now this version is QP1A.190626.001.

Android Q Will Focus on ‘Night Sight’ Mode Inside The Camera App

This specific version will have enhancements to gestures so you will be able to calibrate the sensitivity of the swipe when you go back to your needs. We don’t know how this update will affect the gesture, but it is something we will find out in the nearby future.

Furthermore, this update is unique, as we will find the ‘Night Sight’ mode positioned for the GCam two steps from the central shooting mode. We guess that this update wants to make it easier for the users to reach the ‘Night Sight’ mode without entering the “Other” menu. Well, this will probably save a lot of time.

If you are anxious to try the update of the Android Q, you will have to wait, like the rest of us, until next month. We shall see then if the fact that someone received the version QP1A.190626.001 was just a slip from the developers, or all the other beta testers will have the chance to discover it.

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