GTA Online And Red Dead Online Players To Receive Free In-Game Cash For Amazon Prime Day 2019

Free cash enthusiasts will be excited to know that they won’t have to wait until Amazon Prime Day in 2019. They can get their dose of free cash with the help of Rockstar Games. Amazon Prime members will get free in-game money on GTA Online and Red Dead Online. Not as good as actual free money, but it’s still open. So you can feel good about breaking the system.

Twitch Prime members will be the actual recipients of this free virtual cash. But seeing how Amazon owns twitch, Prime members can link up their account to get the bonuses.

More about the promotion

Rockstar is giving away bags and bags over virtual money, with GTA players receiving $1.25 million and Red Dead players a mindblowing sum of $300. Guess inflation since the Wild West has grown a bit.

If you play any of these two games and you want more in-game cash, you can use real money to do it. Rockstar is giving out a 15 percent bonus for actual cash purchases of imaginary cash.

How to claim your free cash in GTA Online and Red Dead Online

  • Check if you’re an Amazon Prime member
  • Link your Amazon account with your Twitch account
  • This will automatically upgrade your Twitch account
  • Link your Twitch account with your Rockstar Games Social Club account
  • Wait 30 minutes for automatic unlock of cash
  • If you’re a new player, finish the tutorial to unlock the cash

More free stuff to come for GTA Online and Red Dead Online players

You might not be happy with your Amazon Prime subscription. You might be new to it, so it’s probably you’re in the free trial. Not to worry, you can access the imaginary GTA Online cash if this is the case.

Wait! There’s more! Rockstar Games is saying that this is just the first promotion they’re conducting especially for Twitch Prime members. The year of 2019 will see more free stuff in the hands of GTA Online and Red Dead Online players.

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