Facebook Lite Update Tweaks Out the Software Performances

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform and it offers a premium user experience that is unparalleled by any other apps but truth be told, Facebook is infamous for using up lots hardware power and mobile data every time that users open it. This makes it quite difficult for people who own older or entry-level smartphones that do not benefit from powerful CPUs and large amounts of RAM to enjoy the full Facebook experience.

On the bright side of things, the developers of Facebook are aware that their app is not friendly to cheaper smartphones and they have created the perfect alternative. The alternative is called Facebook Lite and it delivers the same bundle of features as the original version of Facebook does but without taking up too much internal storage space.

Facebook Lite Update

Facebook Lite is in our sights today because the lightweight app has just received a new update. Just like the original app, Facebook Lite benefits from full-fledged developer support and this means that Facebook Lite is updated on a regular basis. The new update sports the build number and we are advising all Facebook Lite users to download it as soon as possible.

Faster Software Performances

The new update for Facebook Lite doesn’t come with any new features or visual changes to the user interface. However, the update makes up for the lack of features by introducing a bunch of bug fixes and under the hood software tweaks. Obviously, the bug fixes are taking care of various issues that are interfering with Facebook Lite’s software stability.

The “under the hood” software tweaks are called like that because even though Facebook Lite will not see what they do, they are certainly going to feel their presence because they will take the performances of Facebook Lite to the next level.

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