Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Was Initially Planned As A Direct Port For PS4 And Xbox One

The announcement of a Final Fantasy 8 Remastered version made lots of Final Fantasy fans happy, but it seems that the move wasn’t planned in advance. The director of the Final Fantasy 8 Remastered has stated that the company publisher planned to release a direct port for the current console generation and the decision to remaster the title was taken while the ports were in the final stages of development.

The first strategy was to release a version with almost the same graphics for the PS4, Xbox One Nintendo Switch, and the PC platform. However, Square Enix decided that a 20th-anniversary edition should be more ambitious since even TVs have evolved considerably in two decades.

Since the shift took place while the ports were almost finished a significant schedule alteration was required. With the help of developers who worked on the original version of the game, which was released in 1999, the revamped RPG could be completed this year.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered would sport enhanced graphics, plus new gameplay features

As is the case with most remastered versions, some nostalgic fans may have mixed opinions about the game, since it is no longer the same experience which was offered when the title was initially published.

The delay of the game was caused by the fact that developers are working on enhanced graphics, and the team believes that it was the right choice. According to some sources, the background images may be upscaled to benefit from higher resolutions, but no major updates are planned, a move which may encourage fans to focus on the characters.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered will include features which accelerate progression, among which we can count battle enhancement, triple speed and the option to skip random encounters. PC gamers will gain the ability to activate additional settings which allow them to obtain all items, Limit Breaks, and triple triad cards while also enjoying maximum amounts of Gil, experience, and magic. The title is also a great experience to enjoy until Square Enix releases the first part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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