Clash Royale Best Tips to Create a Winning Deck in 2019

Clash Royale esports tournaments are fetching the steam, but to compete, you have to comprehend the deck building on a fundamental level. Once you control it, you just have to play to take part in significant events such as the Red Bull M.E.O by ESL.

Choose your win condition

No matter what card is used as your primary offensive tool, used to destroy your enemy’s towers, is your win condition. Some examples of these conditions are the Giant and the Hog Rider. A few, such as the Hog Rider, depend on creating an average amount of damage every time they get used and are usually found in low-elixir-cost decks.

Cards such as Golem or Lava Hound are used to design big pushed with the plan to create a lot of damage to the enemy’s towers, maybe even destroying one in one try.

When deciding upon your strategy, you may want to choose a card that you are comfortable with using and which is not easily overpowered by current meta decks.

Efficient counters and great support

As we now have the action plan, we should look at what the enemy could be throwing at us, offensively and defensively as well.

For instance, if you play the Hog Rider at the bridge, there are numerous cards, including buildings or swarm units that can oppose you. The concept behind support cards is to have them help your primary threat by efficiently attacking your enemy’s defensive cards.

So, if you play the Hog Rider at the bridge, your enemy might oppose you by using a Minion Horde. You can back your unit by playing an Executioner, which can resolve a wide variety of swarm units. Your counter and support cards should enable you to handle the usually used win conditions and efficiently play against meta decks.

Clash Royale

Besides the units and buildings, you can use spells in numerous ways. They can support your primary unit, oppose your enemy’s main threat of efficiently destroy their support units.

​Spells are also doing an efficient job when used on units standing next to your enemy’s towers, maximizing the spell’s rate by hitting the tower as well. Another method to use them would be to annihilate multiple opponents with a higher elixir price than the spell you are utilizing.

The buildings have a defensive role

The most common use of the buildings is defense. Against units that concentrate buildings such as the Hog Rider or Giant, a building is an incredibly great method to avoid your towers to take damage.

Whether you use a building again or not, it totally depends on the current meta and the most usually used cards that produce you the most problems.

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