Minecraft Introduces A New Cross-Play Option – Here’s How To Use It

Let’s say you are playing Minecraft on your PC, but your best friend plays the game on Xbox. You too craved to play together Minecraft, but you couldn’t do this, until now. It is now possible for you, guys, to play along, with the newly introduced cross-play option by Minecraft. The Better-Together playing option, available for Xbox One, mobile devices, and Windows 10 PCs, now allows players to play together even though they use different platforms to play the game.

Minecraft introduces a new cross-play option

Since its release, Minecraft gathered millions of players all around the world, but in 2017 the game’s popularity went down, so Microsoft had to make some moves to keep the game going, like the multi-player cross-platform’s release, or the new skins for the Minecraft users. If you use Windows 10, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Kindle Fire, VR, or TV for Minecraft, you can now cross-play and sync your games with your friends who use X-box for the game.

Now, Microsoft allows you to play Minecraft Xbox One Edition on other devices. Follow the next steps, and it will work like a charm. But first, you need to sign into your console with the account used to save your Xbox One Edition world. Launch Minecraft and, from the main menu, press the Play button. From the Worlds tab, choose Sync Old Worlds, select the world you want to migrate to and wait a bit until the conversion is complete. Now, your world will be synced to the new Minecraft when signing in.

How to use the new cross-play option in Minecraft

If you want to cross-play Minecraft, you need to fulfill some conditions:

  • Win10 has two versions: Bedrock/Win10 edition (that is the old name, now it is Minecraft), and Java.
  • Xbox One has two versions: Console edition (no longer available), and Bedrock edition (free to download on your console).
  • Nintendo Switch also has two Minecraft versions: Console edition and Bedrock edition.

It is a must to install Minecraft Bedrock if you want the Switch version of the game to work with the cross-play option. For each Win10, Xbox, or Switch, you have to log in to a different XboxLive account. Then, for each account, bring the other two accounts together. Now, you can, on one device, to start a world, as, on your friends’ devices, the world will appear in their tab. If they have the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, users of Android, and iOS version of the game can join the party too.

In conclusion, Microsoft made a smart move when it released the cross-play option. Now, not only that you can play Minecraft with your friends or family, but all that you buy in the game on one device you can use it on other devices, like the Minecraft coins.

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