GTA 6 to be the Biggest Game Ever Created by Rockstar​

Even though Grand Theft Auto 6 launch date could still be far away, it is stopping people speculating about the many ways and melds where Rockstar could probably decide to lead the franchise. As we get closer and closer to the impressive benchmark in sandbox gaming, fans are attempting to find out what it will look like when it will launch.

We have already formed an idea about the graphics of the game, and some probable locations for GTA 6 may have got leaked as well. However, one of the vastest belief is that the game will be the most massive ever made, not only in the series but Rockstar overall.

Leakers and Pastebin have not long ago spread some rumors, stating that GTA 6 will take its focus on the East Coast, with Vice City and Liberty City ridiculing Miami and New York.

The leak claimed that players would start as a small time character in Liberty City, which does weird chores and small-time stealing, and ultimately work their way to Vice City where they will become part of a gang.

If the leak proves to be correct, the game will probably come with a map which will contain all the cities included in GTA series since the PS2. This means that Los Santos,  San Fierro, Las Venturas, Liberty City, Vice City, and more​ will be included in the new game.

If we look at GTA Online as it is now, it is clear that the world didn’t expand until now. Rockstar Games implemented multiple updates, but it was in fond interior locations, more missions, and new vehicles. The game studio has not added whole states or ‘worlds’ to the game, as they first suggested. It is probable, however, that this could be more of a restriction with the current GTA 5 title, something the studio predicted years before.

If Rockstar is going to go big in the future, the upcoming next-generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett would most likely be capable of putting with it.

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