Pokemon Masters Available Soon with New Trainer Mix

The Pokemon Company and DeNA Co. have unveiled a brand new game named Pokemon Masters. The new game allows players to form teams and take part in real-time combats. The Pokemon Company has been quite active in the last period, first with the creation of Pokemon Sleep, revealed back in May, and now with the recent announcement of their most recent development, the brand new Pokemon Masters.

The gameplay of the new Pokemon Masters will be carried out on the island of Pasio, a new location for the Pokemon series. The title will come with selected Trainers from each previous series. This will allow players to team up with them on three-on-three, real-time combats.

​When the game will be released, there will allegedly be 65 sync pairs, a mix of a Trainer and their partner Pokemon, for players to collect. More other pairs will be added to the game later.

​Players will explore the island of Pasio and encounter numerous Trainers throughout the narrative. Gamers will also be able to form a three-person team, fighting AI enemies, as opposed to other real-world gamers.

The battle will ask for players to handle their move gauge, which exhausts with actions and refills as the time passes, to find an ideal moment to let go of an attack of moves. All this will happen while the player’s opponent will also throw in a plethora of deadly movers.

The Pokemon franchise is widely known for its gameplay driven by its unique story and based on turns, bit Pokemon GO, and Pokemon Masters have come with alternative forms of gameplay.

The brand new Pokemon Masters is scheduled to be released sometime this year in the summer. More details about the upcoming exciting game developed by both DeNA and The Pokemon Company are expected to be revealed later.

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