Google Drive Waiting To Upload Error [SOLVED]

Whenever you want to upload several files to Google Drive on your device, you may encounter moments when you check the upload status and get a waiting to upload error message, instead of finding your files there.

We’ve rounded up some solutions that can help fix the waiting to upload error in Google Drive so you can get back to saving your files again.

How to fix Waiting to Upload error in Google Drive

Restart your device

If you can’t upload files on Google Drive, you can restart your device and then try opening the Drive again to upload files normally. This usually works, but if it doesn’t, try the next solution.

Force stop Google Drive

When apps act up, you can remove them from recent apps, but if the issue persists, the next thing to do is kill the app. This requires using the force stop feature that’ll terminate all background activities of the app and shut it down. You may lose some data or your recent progress with it, but it’s worth a try.

To do this:

  • Open Settings>Apps & Notifications or App Manager
  • Find Google Drive and tap Force Stop and then open it again to upload files

Clear app cache

Google Drive has a built-in cache manager that’s different from Android’s device cache. You can clear both caches but this will remove temporary files without upsetting the data on the Drive. To do this:

  • Open Google Drive app and tap the menu bar
  • Go to Settings and tap Clear cache
  • Restart the device
  • Open Settings>Apps & Notifications or App Manager
  • Tap Google Drive>Storage
  • Now tap Clear cache and reboot the device

Note: Don’t tap clear storage or clear data.

Enable uploads on mobile data

If transfer over WiFi only is enabled, you won’t upload via mobile data and if you try to, you’ll be met with an error, so you need to disable this setting by doing this:

  • Open Google Drive app and tap the menu
  • Tap Settings and turn off Transfer files only over WiFi
  • Try uploading files again

Turn off or switch your internet connection

You could be using WiFi or mobile data to upload files. You can turn them off and on again and see if the connection reset resolves the network glitch. You can also switch your internet connection and try uploading files on a different network. Sometimes poor connection is a cause of the waiting to upload error on Google Drive.

Enable Airplane mode

Network connections like mobile data, WiFi or Bluetooth stop when you enable airplane or flight mode. It also fixes app issues so you can turn it on and off after a few and see if it helps.

Update Google Drive

The waiting to upload error can be caused by bugs in the Drive app. You can update the app and restart your device, and then upload files again.

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